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Community and Inclusive Arts Education


The CCB Hamilton Chapter for the Arts was founded by Yvonne Felix in 2012. The goal of this chapter is to provide a meaniful artistic experience for members of the Canadian Council for the Blind,


The chapter is accessible to thos persons living with partial sight or blindness. We provide all Fine Arts disciplines through peer instruction, workshops and cweekly classes. 


The chapter provides adaptive art programming for it:s  members. This includes the cost of materials and a space to create the work. We also invite members to participate in one of our curated community exhibits .

Membership is 25.00 which includes all programs and clases. We also provide materials.

To find out how you can participate in this chapters activities or to become a member, please contact Yvonne through this site. 

A wide range of disciplines and mediums from film making to interactive sculpture. 



RESIGHT Collaborative Program 



The program offers introductory classes and workshops which include:


Participants use water colour, acrylics and gel mediums to explore the diversity in tools and brush techniques. 


Digital photography examines subject matter, framing, drawing and "capturing the moment" using inspiration and personal experience. 


Participants are introduced to a variety of materials for making reliefs, formal and informal tactile works.


Charcoal, pencil and pastels are used to create emotional responses to music, literature or an environment. 

Collaborative Works 

An installation is created as a group, and elements of designing a public art piece are discussed.


Art and Adaptation

A one-day workshop outlining solutions, resources and appropriate activities for teachers, EA's, ECE's and all professionals working with visually impaired students or clients. 

6 of 6 

This is a six-week workshop designed for a maximum of 15 participants, involving six artists teaching six different disciplines.  The main focus of the sessions is to provide those experiencing vision loss a sense of self.  Instructors and disciplines vary based on availability of selected artists. 

Mixed Media Class in Studio with Yvonne Felix

Three traditional disciplines meet new processes.  The class consists of six sessions, centred around: Japanese rice paper collage, painting with acrylic gel mediums and sculpture using clay.  If interested, please contact us.  Classes are on going