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What Does Legal Blindness Look Like?

Posted by Yvonne Felix on January 25, 2015 at 3:20 PM

"What does Macular degeneration look like?"

This has been a question that never grows old. If you have full sight, it must be fairly hard to imagine what that may just mean. In 2004, I attempted my first painting to help people understand what I was seeing. The below image is of a popular green space from my home town. It was a literal interpretation as I looked out onto the landscape.

Although the style is rather crude and raw, it does illustrate what my blind spot looks like. The rest of the image reveals the lack of detail, felld of view andmy  comprehension of contrast.

When I look to the horizon, I do not feel a sense that depth is something real. The world looks like cardboard cut outs; layered on top of one another at close range. 

In my works, I  icreate depth through  theory. Painting is very mathematical. It creates the illusion of sight by configuring elements of light, dark, colour and subject placement. R

 In the past, I have understood sight conceptually. Seeing a 3 dimensional world has been a mind blowing experience. My first painting since using this new technology was done for a friend that also has Stargardts.

I have yet to adopt Realism as a point of reference for my new works. One step at a time, as they say. 

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