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The Face of Legal Blindness Post New Entry

The Next Gemeration

Posted by Yvonne Felix on January 22, 2015 at 11:25 PM

When you are told you have a disease that will basically be your new best friend, you are left with two options. Accept it and take on whatever it is that comes your way, or deny it and make your life the most confusing journey you will ever embark on. I am choosing the acceptance route.

When I was little, my parents loved Star Trek. I remeber growing up and watching every episode beside them on the couch. My father was an obssesive fan. 

Jordie Le Forge was the character that I identified with. I remember thinking, "how amazing, if seeing again was as simple as wearing a visor". Twenty years later, science fiction has become reality!

My journey with this new reality is shared with a handful of others.  Part of this journey is sharing our experience. Sharing the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, our success and set backs. These experiences are part of the human experience. Our experience!

I know what is is like to have a baby and know I will never see him the way sighted people do. The way the majority of people do. Because of technology, I have the experience of seeing my children's faces, something I never thought could happen.

This experience led me on the journey to help others, as many as I could. My sister, who shares my eye disease, has also shared many of my life experiences. When she became pregnant I wanted her to share in my experiences of sight, especially seeing her new born baby. When my children were born the eSight technology was not available. It was never an option for me. However my sister could use the technology, and become the first legally blind woman in history to use eSight eyewear to see her new born baby. This was a good experience! A happy experience! A successful experience! Our experience!

I am so proud of my sister, her bravery, her enthusiasm, her generosity. She has shared an intimate experience with the whole world. She had to process the experience of sight with the experience of becoming a mother at the same time. She has contributed to our experience, an experience none of us thought could happen, and it was, as simple as wearing a visor.

Click on the link below to view her video:



Kathy Sees Her Bay for the First Time

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